Boil Neem Leaves, Drink For 3 Days To Cure High Fever And 2 Other Disease

Neem tree also known as Azadirachta Indica in English or ‘Neemba’ in Sanskrit, is a good herb that can be used to cure over one hundred kinds of diseases in the world.

Traditional healers greatly rely on the neem leaves and neem flowers to prepare medicine for their patients who are brought to them for treatments.

A study has shown that neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties which is why it works wonders on infections, burns, and any kind of skin problem.

In fact, the neem leaves help boost the human immune system that speeds up the healing process rapidly and spontaneously.

1. Fever
The neem flower is used to cure fever and other diseases. In the olden days, when one is sick of a fever, the neem leaves are boiled for the person. The patient is made to drink the neem boiled water for three (3) days and he or she will be back on their feet strong again.

2. Eye Problem
Seriously the neem leaves also help in healing the eye quickly. All you need to do is to boil the leave, let the water cool, and then use it to wash your face continuing for 3 days. Your eye will be healed thereafter.

3. Goodbye to Dandruff
Neem leaves us especially ladies to treat dandruff quickly. Boil the neem leaves till its water turns deep green. Allow the water to cool and then use it to wash your hair for 2 weeks. Dandruff will be far gone.

I hope this article helps us. Stay healthy.

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