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Akufo Addo is fooling you – ‘Angry’ Kevin Taylor tells Otumfuo

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US-based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor in a lengthy social media post has expressed his disappointment over Ashanti King, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II allowing himself to be fooled by President Akufo-Addo.

The broadcast journalist who doubled as a social commentator said Otumfuor Osei Tutu II is among the masses that are being taken for granted by this NPP government under the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo.

‘Angry’ Kevin Taylor in his write-up told the Asantehene to wake up to himself in order to demand development for the people from the president.

He wrote;

Dear Otumfuo Osei Tutu II,
I’m your Son, I love you and I love Asanteman and I know you love me too but it’s only right that I speak truth to you.
Nana, we have gotten to a stage where the plain truth must be spoken to you even if it hurts because it’s the only way Asanteman will be liberated.
The Golden Stool you sit on today as a King signifies bravery, just, speaking truth and projecting Asanteman.
With all due respect Your Royal Highness, the sacred Sikadwa cannot just be reduced to Pre and Post election conflicting mediation stool. It’s a stool that should prioritize the progress of Asanteman.
There is a good reason God in his own wisdom brought traditional leadership before modern Politics.
It is why when Politicians like Akufo Addo and his current crop of leaders are fooling the masses of which you are among, you pull the break and speak sense to them because it’s not always that you will have to speak in parables.
Sometimes, you must speak in plain language. Otumfuo, It’s not all your subjects who will have the opportunity to occupy the extremely important Position you occupy, that is why it’s imperative on you behalf to speak for the liberation of your subjects and even those who are not your direct subjects because Asanteman loves and cherish everyone.

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Otumfuo, when some of your subjects were gunned in Ejura weeks ago, you have kept quiet about it.
These are your grandsons, they are Ghanaians and above all they are human beings from families.
This is not he first time such a deliberate killing has happened on your land, a few years ago, some Zongo boys from the Ashanti Region were killed unjustly by the Police. You never said anything about that either, Nana I’m sure if any of these slain Young men was in line to inherit your throne, you would never allow it to slide without calling for Justice.
These people who were deliberately killed by people who want to display excessive Political power may not be direct Asantes Nana, but once they are on your land, you have the responsibility as a King of Asanteman to make sure, you speak for everyone because in swearing the oath to lead Asanteman, you swore to do just to all manner of persons.
Why haven’t you spoken on the Ejura Killings Nana? Is it because the victims are settlers and not direct Asantes ?
Don’t you think Nana that your silence on such a sensitive matter will further cast your kingdom in a bad light for being selective with seeking Justice and ethnocentric?
Otumfuo with all due Respect, Today is Ejura, tomorrow may be a Royal or someone closer to your throne who will be gunned down needlessly for standing for his right.
When Akufo Addo wanted to be President in 2016, he came to your palace and made a number of Promise to you and Asanteman.
You promised him of your support and that of Asanteman, you blessed him and wished him well.
The NPP, a party Akufo Addo currently leads has proven to be a party which cannot win any election without the backing of your people.
The big question is, after 5 years of giving your blessings and support to Akufo Addo, what has been his account to you as the King of the Asanteman?
Are these not important question you should be asking Akufo Addo anytime he comes to your Palace ?
I am not in anyway pitching your Kingdom against the Akyems but trust me road network in that small village Akufo Addo himself comes from has been upgraded to a better level than roads within Kumasi, a city which ideally is the second largest city in Ghana with enormous economic opportunities for Ghanaians.
When the old rascal came to your palace days ago for his fruitless tour, he failed to give a vivid account of the exact things he has done for Asanteman. The cars which formed his convoy were many than the projects he is even touting himself of doing in the region which never exist. The NDC, is a party many of your subjects votes against. I have no issue with your subjects predominantly voting for the NPP because even in advanced democracies, people still votes on party lines but even with that, they make sure they fight for development which they truly deserve.
The last time Akufo Addo’s opponent, John Mahama came to your palace in 2020, he gave a tall list of the practical verifiable things His reign as President gave to your region.
You nodded in agreement for all these projects and even appealed to him to do more if given the opportunity to lead again.
Why can’t you hold Akufo Addo to same standard and demand he fulfills the many promises he made to Asanteman to become President?
Otumfuo, I have heard you a number of times complained about how traditional leadership has been relegated from Ghana’s modern structure of governance.
If traditional leaders have become puppets on the hands of Politicians, then I can say without mincing words that a great king like yourself has played a role in making sure Political leaders take you for a ride.
Because you have allowed yourselves to be used as vessels for lies and propaganda.
You are without any doubt an influential leader in and beyond Ghana.
If you speak for the progress of your people, trust me things will change rapidly.
Your silence on matters of development was what gave a neophyte like Samuel Abu Jinapo the effrontery to write a speech for a whole King like you to read so you will praise sing them to look good before your subjects.
How dare a rogue like Abu Jinapo write a politically induced speech for a whole King like your good self Otumfuo to read so to caress the balls of Akufo Addo as performing when he has failed ?
It’s the highest form of disrespect to your person and the throne you sits on Otumfuo.
On any given day, you should have sacked them from your presence and demand an apology because just as they have reduced other chiefs to beggars, they are on same path to making sure your throne which has stood the test of time, will become yet another highly disputed throne when it comes to speaking truth to power.
I have consistently said that, you will only be taken as a Fool if you allow yourself to.
The Asanteman that you lead as their king has sat for far too long for these Akyem crooks to be playing games with you.
Akufo Addo’s visit to Kumasi was geared towards one thing which was to appeal to assembly members to vote for his new appointed Mayor of Kumasi.
If not, how can he neglect the many hospitals under construction in the region and move to Obuasi to cut sod for the construction of another hospital?
What has happened to the Boankra inland port he cut sod for, the Suame and Anloga Interchanges?
What about the many projects being left in bushes to rot away ?
Look Nana, truth is Kumasi looks dirty under your watch, Kumasi stinks, roads are terrible.
A once garden city has been reduced to a wasteland due to your inability to call Political leaders to order and demand for development.
The least rain in the Kumasi metropolis sees everywhere flooding.
Many of the Projects Akufo Addo inherited from a party most of your subjects voted against have been neglected under your watch and you see nothing wrong with that your royal Highness ?
These projects if completed will be beneficial to your subjects.
I’m drawing your attention to the need for you to stop being economical with the truth and demand for progress for your people as the King, because the throne you sit on is never permanent.
When God and the gods of the land calls you to join your ancestors, it is what you stood for that your people will remember you for and not because you inherited the throne and tradition demands.
If Akufo Addo comes to your Palace and all he could do is to mention to you some of your subjects who also want to become President after him without telling you what he has done for your region after 5 years, then with all due respect, Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, Akufo Addo sees your subjects as FOOLS who will vote for just anyone or anything simply on party line and not for progress.
Afari Hospital is struggling to take shape after 5 years, Sewua hospital is rotting away, Kumawu, Fomena among other infrastructure meant to alleviate the plights of Asantes are wasting away because this toy President prioritize flying a luxury jet than doing the basic things to bring progress to the very people who voted for him.
I have the greatest respect for you Nana Osei Tutu and your throne but if you cannot use your influence as a King to speak sense to reckless and wasteful Politicians like Akufo Addo, they will continue to take you for granted because they known when they come to your palace, it’s always going to be smiles and introduction of who is following who and which positions does who occupy.
A party that does not win in your region gave your people Kejetia markets together with other satellites Markets in your region.
This Kejetia markets put food on the table of dozens of your subjects.
The region was given about 13 community day schools, the only airport in Kumasi was being upgraded.
As the King, you can fly from Kumasi Airport to any part of the world as we speak due to the works of John Mahama and the NDC which your subjects hardly votes for.
Hospitals and water systems like the ones at Konongo, Barekese among others were scattered all over to serve your people.
Roads were under construction, can that be said today after five years from a party your subjects has added as part of their tradition?
What has Akufo Addo done for your people Otumfuo Osei Tutu II?
Are you impressed with his delivery, why are you allowing such a none thinking short fellow to be making mockery of Sikadwa by standing before you and lying if things he has not done and will never do ?
I’m still your grandson Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and it’s only important that I draw your attention to these things which is drawing Asanteman back.
Do not reduce your kingship to a ceremonial ground where people comes to make merry and go.
In same breath, Sikadwa Kofi is not a stool for settling Imaginary Political dispute.
It cannot always be that, all you do as a king is to wait for election period and when there seem to be tension you call Political heads to give them advise behind the scene.
You swore an oath to put the interest of your people first and it’s only for the better for me to remind you that you are a King and should not be acting docile for characters like Akufo Addo.
Ask for development for your people and stop the praise singing for such timidity only draws back Asanteman.
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