5 Female Ghanaian Nurses Broke My Heart – Man Cries


A young Ghanaian man named Ransford Manu has shared experience on why his dream of marrying a nurse has been painfully shattered.

The man says it was his dream to marry a Nurse because the way one Nurse was nice to him as a child when was admitted to the hospital.

So right after graduating from the University and securing a good pay job, he decided to pursue his second dream of marrying a Nurse.

He was shocked to the bone when his first, second, and third relationships with three Nurses hit the rock without any fault of his.

He went ahead into his fourth relationship with another Nurse which seemed to be flourishing until when the company he worked for at the time sent him abroad for months.


When he returned only to find out his Nurse girlfriend was warming another man’s bed just three months that he traveled abroad.

Shockingly, he said he just couldn’t give up on his dream so he got his fifth Nurse but this time she was working with one of the big hospitals in the country. But it also ended in tears.

Accordingly to him, he didn’t give up on love but turned his focus on getting the right woman and thankfully he found one.

He’s happily married to a beautiful banker and they are blessed with a set of twin boys and a lovely daughter.