You’re Still Walking In Ebony’s Shadow – Journalist Shames Wendy Shay


Yes, You’ve Never Been Upcoming Artiste Because You Walking In Shadows Of Ebony – Journalist Jabs Wendy Shay

Ghanaian Journalist, Frederick Noamesi has taken a quick whip at Wendy Shay for always claiming that she has never been an up and coming musician.

Wendy Shay is fond of making unnecessary comments as she has never been an up and coming artiste but she is already on top of her game and winning many awards.

She repeated that same silly and mockery comment over the weekend during an interview session with Londona on an Accra-based Kingdom Plus FM.

But in a sharp reply, Journalist Frederick Noamesi has described Wendy Shay’s comment as very silly and unnecessary.


He also consciously reminded the ‘Uber Driver’ singer that she is where she is not because of her talent but because after two years, she is still walking in the shadows of the late Ebony Reigns.

“… those comments are silly and unnecessary. Do you think you’ve never been an up and coming musician? oh yeah, this is because, after two solid years, you’re still walking in the shadows of late Ebony Reigns of blessed memory. Madam, you have reached yet so learn to shut up sometimes,” he subtly jabbed.

In conclusion, Frederick Noamesi wants Wendy Shay to understand that being an underground artiste is not a failure but rather a learning stage.