3 Top Reasons Why George Quaye Quits Menzgold

The Head of Communications at gold dealership, Menzgold, George Quaye, has resigned barely three months after his appointment.

George Quaye has tendered in his resignation on Thursday, October 4, 2018, amidst the ongoing challenges the company is going through, FNNewsonline has been hinted.

Although it still remains unclear what might have influenced Mr Quaye’s decision to part ways with the embattled gold dealership, FNNewsonline brings top possible reason why he quitted.

1. Brand Protection & Integrity

It appears that George Quaye wants to protect his brand and integrity he has worked so hard to earn over the years.
Goerge Quaye has a well-built background as an entertainment pundit and TV production heavyweight which he would not want to soil overnight.

2. Internal Strife At Mengold

Some sources also cite a hushed internal strife between Mr Quaye and the management of Menzgold as a possible reason for resignation.

3. Regulatory Issues

Surely, the ongoing development at the firm, particularly regulatory issues with the Bank of Ghana and the Securities and Exchanges Commission could have contributed to his abrupt exit.

George Quaye was in August this year appointed as the Head of Communications of Menzgold at the time the company facing troubles with state regulators about the firm’s operations.