You’re rather a threat to Ghana’s security not Manasseh – Korsi Senyo ‘fights’ Irbard

Investigative journalist, Efo Korsi Senyo has jumped to the defense of his colleague, Manasseh Azure Awuni over the backlashes against his undercover report on a state-sponsored militia group.

Manasseh Azure Awuni is under attack after he led Joy News to bring to bear the operations of a pro-NPP militia, De-Eye Group from the Christianborg Castle classified as Security Zone.

Government and the NPP have all denied training such group and further described the documentary as “empty” and sensational.

Executive Director of Irbard Security Consult, Irbard Ibrahim also claims Manasseh Azure Awuni caused fear and panic and further dragged the integrity of the state into disrepute with his documentary and thus, must be arrested and prosecuted.


“The State should summon this guy (Manasseh Azure Awuni) and his collaborators for questioning. It is treasonous to destroy the reputation of the State bringing its integrity to question locally and internationally. Freedom of expression doesn’t mean the State should be taken for granted. If this is how these people will behave, the RTI may never see the light of day!” the controversial Security expert shared on Facebook.

In a quick response, the Executive Editor of Awake News, Efo Korsi Senyo asked Mr. Irbard to shush as he is “rather a serious threat to national security”.

He questioned Irbard’s competence as a security expert and bemoaned how Ghana is unable to progress with the failure by the likes of the Security Consult boss to defend the country with their “heads”.

A statement on Efo Korsi’s Facebook page reads:

“Ibrahim Irbard, you’re rather a serious threat to national security and not the work of Manasseh Azure Awuni on the “De-Eye Group” exposé. I am wondering why you are being referred to as a “security expert” and given much hype in the media even when you are vomiting total nonsense. It is very unfortunate Ghana has young and energetic men like you who will only think about defending their stomach and not the safety and the future of this great nation.”

You were the same person who some few weeks ago jumped to the defense of the Minister of State at the Office of the President in charge of National Security, Bryan Acheampong asking Ghanaians to leave him alone and that he cannot be held responsible for the shameful act of violence that happened at the Ayawaso West Wuogon By-election when the person was alleged to have admitted having knowledge of the masked armed men who unleashed the violence. So, I wondered again, if you were the same person I read somewhere that you were named as a “Peace” Ambassador during election 2016.

Today, here you are again ignorantly and shamefully attacking Manasseh that his work is a false alarm that has the potentials of driving away foreign investors. You are shamefully asking the Police to arrest over his work but not the leaders of the “De-Eye Group”. And inside your head, you think any investment is secured in a country whose security is cannot be guaranteed?

Irbard, please answer these basic questions in your next post:
1. which private security company that trains its recruits/officers in a state facility marked as a security zone?
2. Which private security company in Ghana that has been provided with offices in not even any ordinary state facility but Office of the President Annex?
3. What is the agreement between the State and the “De-Eye Group” which gave them access that the Osu Castle.
4. If there is any agreement, what are the terms and conditions of that agreement, can Ghanaians know?
5. Which Parliament in Ghana or executive order that approved that agreement?
6. When you watched the documentary, the facility in which the “De-Eye Group” is alleged to be training in does not look like the Osu Castle?
7. Has the Osu Castle now be given to a private company to manage?

The Ghanaian media must blacklist you because your hypocrisy and stomach “security expert” talk is a serious threat to the security of Ghana.
This nonsense must stop! #MediaBlacklistIrbardNow !”