Why Nurses Should Be Paid Salaries Higher Than Doctors (OPINION)


Happy Wednesday morning to all my cherished readers here on Opera News. I am always happy to share my thought with you because you make me feel so welcomed with your sweet comments.

Today, I am going to state just two reasons why I think Nurses’ salaries should be higher than that of the Doctors at the hospitals and health centers in Africa, especially Ghana and Nigeria.

Please it is my opinion which I am entitled to and you feel to agree or disagree as well but let my lay down my reasons. I will surely convince you after the end of this article.

Here are the two reasons why Nurses should be paid higher than medical doctors;

1. Nurses Are First Point Of Contact

When you visit the hospital, the first people who attend to you are the Nurses. Nurses give you the first treatment even before you into the consultation room to meet the Doctor. If the patient is involved in a motor accident, it is the Nurses that first treat the wound, dress it before the Doctor comes around. Doctors only come to check on the patient and that is it.


Nurses stay on shift even in the middle of the night to be with the patients while the Doctor is comfortably sleeping on his bed. Sometimes, Doctors do not even report to work at all, and Nurses especially the Matrons who have many years of experience of practice take over. Can you even imagine a Hospital without Nurses? But there are some health centers with Medical Doctors in some typical villages.

Who takes of the sick people in the villages? Surely, Nurses do for that matter, my sweet female Nurses. So you see why Nurses’ salaries should be increased or even higher than Doctors in Africa – Ghana, and Nigeria?

2. Administer medications and treatments

Unknowingly to many, it is Nurses that administer medication and treatments to patients at the hospital and other health care across the nation and you can dispute this fact. Yes, the Medical Doctor interacts with the patient to find out his or her problem, then he proceeds to write his prescriptions and that is all. Now, the Nurses take over from there to make sure that patients follow everything. They will administer medications to the patients on administration at the hospital even at midnight when everyone is sleeping comfortably on their bed. In fact, some Nurses do not sleep at all at night because some patients give them a lot of troubles.

Have I been able to convince you? Please share your opinions as well.

Cheers. I love you all for always reading and commenting on my articles. I am here for you all.


Your Sweet Nurse.

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