We need factories not prisons – Nacce advises Church of Pentecost


Ghanaian music producer and Gospel singer, Nacee has advised the Church of Pentecost to focus on building factories instead of prisons.

The Church of Pentecost revealed recently that they plan to build an ultramodern prison block as part of their social responsibility to the society.

However, Nacce, born Nana Osei is unhappy about the Church of Pentecost’s intention of building prisons has rather suggested the building of factories.

He said;

“In my candid opinion, it’s wrong for a church to build a prison in Ghana. Instead, I will rather suggest that the church should build factories and create jobs for its members and other people to get a gainful source of employment.

“In addition to the jobs, the church should teach, interlace it with good and practical Christian doctrines to help their members stay away from social vices which may lead them into prison.

“I can tell you that some of the people who end up in prison might be due to joblessness but some of our churches rather invest the monies they get from the contribution of members in ventures that do not inure to the members benefit”.

“It is said that the devil finds work for the idle hands”.