We Are The Most Beautiful And Self Independent Women In Ghana – Ashanti Girls


A group of young Ashanti ladies has described themselves as the most beautiful, hardworking, and self-independent women in Ghana.

In a Telegram group called ‘Who’s the Best”, these young ladies from the Ashanti region have decided to reveal what they are made of.

According to the group, the Ashanti, also known as Asante, an ethnic group native to the Ashanti Region is the biggest group in Ghana in relation to population and logically has the most beautiful ladies.

The group further argued that Ashanti women are most hardworking as compared to the other tribes as this keeps to reflect in their standard of living.

They added that Ashanti ladies are also very successful in marriages because of the high
the respect they have for their husbands.

They said;


“We have observed an ongoing discussion on major media outfits which say some tribes have the most beautiful women in Ghana. See, we Ashantis are the best in everything.”

“Currently, we are the biggest ethnic group with the highest population and logically, we have relatively beautiful ladies than all the other tribes.”

“We are successful in marriage, businesses, and anything you can think of.”

They warned that they won’t trade this bragging right for anything.


Source: // King Fred