Two “WICKED” women caught washing used face masks to resell


Two women described as wicked and heartless were spotted washing used face masks to resell them to unsuspecting Nigerians.

The photo, which is fast making waves on the internet, has two yet-to-be-known women busily washing some potentially COVID-19 infested face masks.

The quantity clearly shows it will be resold out. There were over 100s used face masks on the floor.

The incident, believed to have happened in Nigeria, caused many citizens to register their displeasure.

A few socialites wrote:

‘Them suppose crucify this woman😔

‘All these clowns commenting with fire and Love emojis 🙄🙄 hope y’all alright 🤷‍♂️ cause it don’t seem like it..’

‘They need to be arrested else all efforts in on this pandemic will be in vain’

‘God !! This isnt poverty mentality,this is wickedness !!!’

‘If we had a functional system we wouldn’t be seeing things like this’

The only option is to avoid buying such masks from the roadside.