Two suspects in police custody over attack on Keta MP elect

Keta police have arrested two suspects in relation to attacks on Member of Parliament elect for Keta, Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey.

The police have made it known that the identities of the suspects cannot be revealed for security reasons.

Mr. Dzudzorli Gakpey claimed he was attacked by armed robbers in his home at Anlo-Afiadenyigba.

The suspected robbers beat him mercilessly and later went on to beat his family.

Reports also reveal that the robbers surveyed the room to get hold of valuable items. This as said by report was done at gun point.

The robbers succeeded in grabbing some valuable items and made away with it.

Police revealed investigations are still ongoing and promised to bring the perpetuators to justice.


Kerzia Anani
the authorKerzia Anani
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