The Problem With Strongman’s Line: ‘Who Will Choose Fella Over Derbie’

There was a line from Strongman’s Immortal song that caught my attention, to which I want to respond to.

In fact, the very mention of that line shows that he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Meanwhile, he’d like to call medikal a person with low IQ. Strongman asked, ‘who go choose Fella over Derbie?’ The answer to that is the very reason Strongman chose Nana Ama over somebody else— love.

Soaked in the definition of love is the possibility of choices.

The very fact that Medikal chose Fella Makafui over Derbie means he loves her. The same applies to Strongman choosing Nana Ama over any other lady out there. I don’t see why Strongman should include that in his rap when it was the same principle he used in his love life.

Rex Krampa
the authorRex Krampa