The Nigerian movie industry is more improved unlike the Ghana movie industry – Enoch Darko

Ghanaian comedian and actor, Enoch Darko, has opined that the Nigerian movie industry is more improved than the Ghana movie industry.

In an interview on late night celebrity with Foster Romanus, the actor shared how he had improved in his acting career after his two years stay in Nigeria following his dreams.

He revealed that the Nigerian movie industry was far different from the Ghana movie industry as most of their procedures were far different.

Enock Darko shared an encounter where he had to be stopped from acting on set because he had not registered as an actor.

He described how serious and cooperative the Nigeria movie industry was when it came to how they produced their movie to how it was promoted, sold and a whole lot.

“I was out of my zone, I learnt how they work together, their movie system is different from our system, where they sell their movies is different from ours, how they invest in the movie industry is also different. Their hard work, the quality of movies they do and their storyline, everything is different”, he said.

He finally urged the Ghana movie industry to learn from the Nigerian movie industry so they would also do better in the field of acting.

Kerzia Anani
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