The Church Won’t Apologize For Spending Millions To Worship God – Pastor Mensa Otabil

Dr. Mensa Otabil, General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church has rallied Christians to find great joy in dedicating their best resources into advancing God’s kingdom and worship.

“We are going millions and billions for his glory. We make no apology whatsoever for the one who deserves the highest resource is the one who created all the resource”, he told a massive gathering at the Independence Square in Accra.

The congregation, sprawling in their battalions had gathered for the 2018 edition of the church’s calendar event, Greater Works.

After an offering had been taken, their revered leader Otabil brought up a question he was once asked.

“Why do you put up all of these to worship God just worship God in your heart. Why do you have to put up church buildings and build stages and invest money?”

The question set up Otabil for a fiery response in which he told Christians to reject attempts by critics to make them feel ashamed of the gospel and waver in their attitude towards giving.

In an unapologetic reply, the pastor asked rhetorically “classrooms don’t teach mathematics so why do you build classrooms?”

“Hospital buildings are not nurses and doctors why do you spend 240m to build hospitals?”.
“Stadia don’t play football but why do you build stadia to play football”, he continued a three-pronged analogy.

Dr. Mensa Otabil explained, churches like the other buildings he used in his analogy, are erected “because you must create an atmosphere for what you treasure to happen in”.

He charged that Christians to put money into church infrastructure and logistics because “there is nobody who deserves better honour than the King of kings…and we will use it to worship him.
“We will be extravagant, we will go the extra mile”.

Dr. Otabil said going to the stadium to shout goal as a footballer kicks about an “inflated leather” does not solve any problem.

“But here when you say Amen… miracles happen, lives are turned around, destinies are changed. And you tell us that we don’t have to spend for this God and for the service of God are you joking?”