Tuesday, March 9, 2021

That money paid at the airport for covid test is pure wickedness – Kwame APlus

Controversial political activist, Kwame Aplus has fired the act of the government to pay an amount of $150 for covid test at the airport.

According to the politician, once someone had done the test at a departing point, there was no need to pay any amount of money at the arriving point. He stated that this was done in Dubai and other places in the UAE so finds no reason why the same can’t be done here.

Kwame APlus has backed Ghanaians who have also shown their displeasure in the treacherous act of the government and termed it as ” pure wickedness”.

Leader of The People’s Party(TPP) says this payment was implemented by the government so they could still money from the common Ghanaian people.

He finds it difficult to understand why a country with that boasted of natural resources would find it difficult to organize a free covid test at the airport just like others did.


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