‘Take it down’ – Sarkodie slams Sammy Gyamfi over George Floyd-EC cartoon


Rapper Sarkodie has asked NDC’s National Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi, to take down a tweet about the voters’ register that referenced Goerge Floyd’s murder.

The tweet was an illustration that sought to express how he, Sammy Gyamfi, felt the Electoral Commission and the government were handling the new voters’ register saga.

A man in a vest tagged “voter” was on the floor, the “EC Chairperson” had placed a heavy book – the new voters’ register – on the voter’s neck and placed her knee on the her victim’s neck.

“I can’t breath,” the last words of George Floyd is what the voter is supposedly saying. President Akufo-Addo was added to the illustration. He also had his knee on the voter.

Although Sammy Gyamfi posted an interpretation of the post saying it was not to mock George Floyd’s murder, Sarkodie believes that it was still not right to make nor post the artwork in the first place.

“Retract and take it down” the Lucky hitmaker wrote adding that regardless of the interpretation the NDC Communicator gives, he is still wrong in using that reference.


“Naa my brother we all go wrong sometimes… I will believe your intention wasn’t to joke with these serious n very sensitive issues, but you still wrong just do what’s right,” he wrote.


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