“Stubborn” John Mahama Lost 2016 Elections Because He Disobeyed My Instructions – Prophet Dennis Whole


Prophet Dennis Whole Asante, the founder of Great Unction Worldwide Chapel based in Nairobi-Kenya has detailed why John Dramani Mahama lost the 2016 Presidential election to Akufo-Addo.

In an interview with Fnnewsroom.com during one of his unofficial visits to Ghana, Prophet Dennis Whole Asante revealed that John Mahama has lost the elections because he refused to adhere to his spiritual directions.

According to him, he personally met the former President in Kenya in the company of the former BNI boss somewhere in 2016 and gave him some spiritual directions if he [John Mahama] wants to retain the seat of government.

He said;

“… My brother, I met him, John Dramani Mahama at the airport in Kenya in the company of the former BNI boss. We spoke at length and I gave him some spiritual instructions to follow to win the elections.”

However, the man of God bemoaned that John Mahama and the former BNI have stopped to his followup phone calls to them.


He continued;

“… John Dramani Mahama and former BNI boss stopped to pick my phone calls. I tried a few times to check on them if they are following the directions and no answer.”

Prophet Dennis Whole insisted that the elections 2016 was a cool “chop” for John Mahama but his stubbornness has sent him into oppositions.

He concluded;

“John Mahama is a stubborn person, otherwise that election was a cool “chop” for him.”


Source: www.Fnnewsroom.com

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