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Songstress Celly Chordz Has Changed Her Name To Kafui Chordz

Songstress Kafui Chordz

Fast-rising female Ghanaian songstress, Celly Chordz has changed her stage name and wishes to be known as Kafui Chordz from today onwards.

The young vibrant musician in an exclusive interview with took her time to explain why has decided to change her name.

Touching on why the sudden change of name at this stage of her carrier when Ghanaians are beginning to accept her, the ‘E go be’ singer said she wants to be traced to her roots.

According to her, the time has come for her to add the Ghanaian element to the brand and since her birth name is Kafui, she has decided to add that to her music brand, hence, Kafui Chordz.

She added that Ghanaians will now be able to relate to her more personally because of the name Kafui, which also gives the connection to where she is coming from.

“I feel the time has come to change my name to Kafui Chordz which every Ghanaian can easily relate to in a more personal way. At this stage of my carrier, I want to add some local elements to my brand and I think Kafui will point an indicator to my root.”

The name ‘Kafui’ is an EWE word which literary means ‘Praise God’ in the English language as many already knew.

Speaking on why she added Chordz to the Kafui, she explained that her piano playing skills influenced that too.

“Since I play the Piano, and also will be learning to play other instruments in the future, I feel the “Chordz” is a perfect addition to the Kafui.” She said.

Celly Chordz, now Kafui Chordz is best known for the release of her debut album ‘Pieces in Peace’ with great songs like; Music, Wrong, Highlife Mashup and One Day.

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