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Praye exposed and accused of ‘STEALING’ eShun’s ‘I Want’ song (Video)

Ghanaian music group, Praye is being accused by some concerned music critics of stealing songstress eShun’s “I Want” song.

Praye as a music group, went off the music scene for a couple years and only to return with a stolen song from eShun.

The group released three songs today October 12, 2018; Disco Lights, Adesoa and Gbang Gbai.

“Disco Lights” one of the three released songs mixed and produced by Mix Masta Garzy has been tagged as the stolen song by the concerned music critics.

According to these critics, some lines in the song sound exactly like “I Want” by eShun produced by Monnie Beatz and released in May 2018.

“Tsoolotsoo tsoolotsoo I want I want”, this particular line is found in both songs.

One will say “I Want” is an old song sung by kids but critics are asking why did Praye wait for eShun to do a song with it before.

Watch the official video of ‘I Want’ by eShun below;