Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Slap any man who brags but perform poorly in bed – Granpa tells ladies

Participant of TV3 Date Rush, Michael Agyare, popularly known as Grandpa has advised ladies to slap any man who performs poorly in bed after bragging.

According to the participant, also an actor in an interview with Adwen the love doctor, men who under-perform in bed have to be submissive to the ladies in bed especially if they are the ones spending on the men.

” There are women who have spent a lot on men. They take the man to places, spend so much money on him and listen to all his talks about how good he can make her feel  during sexual intercourse only to get into the act and under two minutes, he’s already cumming. If that happens, the woman is supposed to slap the man”, Grand pa stated.

He also advised couples to go all out during sexual intercourse and be naughty with each other so as to spark the relationship even more.


Kerzia Anani
the authorKerzia Anani
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