“Sex On First Date Is A Disgrace To Womanhood” – Uncle FN Schools Princess Shyngle

Ghanaian Blogger, Communications Expert and Relationship Adviser, Frederick Noamesi has decided to respond to actress Princess Shyngle’s misleading concept that sex on first date is not crime neither does it make you cheap.

According to Frederick Noamesi, better known as Uncle FN, having sex on first date is unacceptable and must be encouraged and entertained.

He has therefore taken his time to school Princess Shyngle on the subject dating.

He said;

It’s time for you ‘Sex-for-money’ female celebrities (Ashawobrities) to know that you are doing more harm than good to the younger ones.

Amazingly, you ladies do not see that, instead, you pride yourselves on various social media to pursue your evil and promiscuous agenda.

Let me fire the shot immediate; it is total madness to have sex on your first date. In fact you are the cheapest commodity to engage in any sexual activity with a man on your first date as a lady.

Several blogs reported the your assertion on sex on your first date, something you see as normal.

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According to you, engaing in sex on your first date doesn’t actually make you cheap as perceived by the society. You subtly termed that as ‘Relationship Interview’ becuase the man would come for more when you pass.

Like seriously? this is the biggest misconception and must be addressed immediately with no any further delay.

Princess Shyngle, you got it all wrong again because you are so clueless about the subject of dating. You seriously need some dating tutorials so you can also start to advocate against sex on first date.

What is Dating about?

At a point in one’s life, you will get attracted to the opposite sex and some people might even gather the courage to ask you out.

Simply, dating is just a hangout where you get to familarize yourselves.

A quick scanario;

“Kofi meets Ama and thinks she might be a good match for him. He proceed to ask her out for a drink or something else just to assess whether on the surface level they will match”.

From the scenario above, Kofi is looking for some personality traits in Ama and this shouldn’t take him more than a month or two.

If he feels they are not for each other, he pursues another lady. That’s dating. It is short and brief with no emotional engagement or sex whatsoever.

Coming back you, Princess Shyngle, dating does not take place in the bedroom nor hotel rooms. It is usually going out to social places like eatries, restaurants, recreational centers just to have a assessement conversation.

Where does the sex comes in here?

Remember, only Ashawobrities can have sex with a man on their first meeting because she would get paid. That’s their job and shouldn’t be confused with dating.

Thank you!

(Relationship Expert)

Source: www.Fnnewsonline.com / Frederick Noamesi