See How Ghanaians Are Defending Sammy Gyamfi Over Floyd-EC Photo

Sammy Gyamfi


Some Ghanaians have jumped to the defense of Sammy Gyamfi over his popular George Floyd-EC cartoon he shared a few days ago.

The NDC’s National Communications Officer was roasted and toasted after his George Floyd-EC cartoon went viral on all social media platforms especially Twitter.

Unequivocally, some sympathizers of the ruling NPP government took the chance to play politics with the photo Sammy Gyamfi inciting that he has mocked the late Goerge Floyd who was suffocated to death by a senior police officer in the United States of America, US.

Interesting, Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie who thought the photo was appropriate took Twitter to offer a piece of brotherly advice to the firebrand police to retract and take down the post.

An adamant Sammy Gyamfi replied to the rapper and other Ghanaians that the cartoon wasn’t intended to make a mockery of George Floyd.

Equally, some Ghanaians believed to be members of the opposition NDC joined to defend him on all social media platforms.

Read some of the defensive comments below;


Ananzia Mohammed Zakari wrote;

“Ursula Owusu making “Tribal” comments escaped Sarkodie but cartoon from Sammy Gyamfi on a “Register” got his attention… Is talent without “Education” a burden?”

Lord-Chester Ati wrote;

The moment I saw “Sammy Gyamfi faces social media backlash over George Floyd-EC photo” on myjoyonline.com

And that of Daily Graphic “Sammy Gyamfi defends cartoon which interpolates George Floyd’s death” I knew my guy is hitting the G-spot of his opponents. isn’t that the reason he was voted? Or was he voted to guide them beam with smiles to victory? Sammy Gyamfi. More of those wai.”

Issah Drama wrote;

This is Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi, the National communications Officer of the NDC . There’s been many attempts to silence him but he still speaks out as a Ghanaian and lawyer …God bless you senior comrade. The Nightmare of NPP and Legend of our time. #RescueMission. #LetsWiseUp.

Issah Ofori added;

What’s the Difference Between What Sammy Gyamfi Said And What Joe Baiden of the United States Said?


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