Sam George Can’t Win, He Has Only 20,000 Votes In Ningo-Prampram – Alex Martey

The New Patriotic Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Ningo-Prampram, Alex Martey has predicted 20,000 votes Hon. Sam George.

According to Alex Martey, the incumbent MP can’t win this year’s parliamentary election because his friends of 20,000 will the ones to vote for him.

“I am sure of victory because the people of Ningo-Prampram looking at our register are about 96,000. Sam George’s 20,000 is secured because his friends will vote for him.

But whatever numbers are left, he dare not cross that bridge. He is even aware that he will only have 20,000 people voting for him. That is what he will get and that is what he has in the register”.

Ghana Writer
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