“Real Men Marry Nurses” – Ghanaian Female Nurses

Nurse in Ghana

A group of beautiful Ghanaian female nurses in an interview with have disclosed that only real men can marry nurses.

Speaking to news team, these confident nurses said, most Ghanaian men are not real and therefore could not approach them with relationship proposals.

According to the health workers who granted an audience narrated why men find it very difficult to approach them in spite of their feelings towards them (Nurses).


They nurses narrated that the inability of Ghanaian men to approach them with relationship proposals may be because they are not real.

To them, real men won’t find it difficult to come forward and propose love to them no matter the situation they are in.

They said;

“Yes, it’s true that Ghanaian men are no more approaching us for a relationship or marriage proposal. But one thing we know for sure is, real men marry nurses and there is no argument to that.”

Although we are worried but come to think of it, real men will come our way for serious relationships which will eventually lead to marriage.”

“Any man who is real should kindly come forward because real men marry nurses..”