Policeman dies after his riffle accidentally discharged bullet

Constable Senanu Davordzie is claimed dead after his riffle accidentally discharged two bullets into his abdomen.

This incident according to the police happened when the said dead constable went on night duty at the Takoradi Market Circle Branch of Eco bank.

Reports stated that Constable Senanu Davordzie fell off  his motorbike when he arrived at  the charge office to hand over his rifle. The result of the fall was his riffle accidentally discharging two bullets into his abdomen.

The police upon sighting the incident quickly rushed him to a hospital  in Takoradi  where he was reported dead on arrival.

His body has been deposited at the morgue still waiting for autopsy. Meanwhile, the riffle which caused the untimely death of the constable has been retrieved and retained by the police.

Kerzia Anani
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