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Piesie Kofi Babone Launches Maiden Book, ‘HANDS OF GOLD’ This Friday

Ghanaian Poet, Radio Presenter and Marketing Consultant, Piesie Kofi Babone is set to launch his maiden book ‘HANDS OF GOLD’ on Friday, January 4, 2018.

As a writer, Piesie Kofi Babone drives much focus on poems and Afrocentrism as he believes in being original.

His approach to life is to pick on many experiences as possible and learning as much as he can. He believes life is beautiful and each experience is worthy of a count. Knowing that one day we will all die, we must first live our lives.


‘HANDS OF GOLD’ is a collection of forty-five (45) poems written by Piesie Kofi Babone to cover almost every aspect of life.

The book covers areas ranging from love, broken heart, hope, disappointment, friendship, hope, dreams and regrets.

‘HANDS OF GOLD’ aims at taking readers on an intriguing journey which captures the essence of life to inform, entertain and educate its readers.



Some of the poems in the ‘HANDS OF GOLD’ are;

My Mind and Me

Will you keep quiet for a while?

I am thinking.

Will you keep quiet for a while?

I want to use you

But it’s you

Constantly speaking to each other

While I sit here containing you.

Too many chaos, too many distractions

The peace doesn’t last

Oh, ok. When I sleep?

You will keep quiet?

But, I do and you don’t.

Promise me, promise me

That you will be at peace, when I do.

Oh! Now you’re laughing, laughing at me

Will you keep quiet, just for a while?

I want to think about you and me.

Speaking in an interview with, Piesie Kofi Babone has disclosed that ‘HANDS OF GOLD’ will officially be available to the general public for purchase via Amazon from Friday, January 4, 2018.

Hardcopies can be ordered via Amazon while soft copies can be purchased via Amazon Kindle.

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