Photos of ‘late’ Rawlings with his Ivorian Baby Mama causes stir

Photos of the late former President J.J Rawlings’ alleged Ivorian baby mama and son have caused a stir on the internet.

gone viral on the internet and people are shocked that they never heard of this woman when he was alive.

The Ivorian woman is identified as Nathalie Yamb but sadly she has been expelled from Cote D’Ivoire in December 2019.

It’s also being alleged that Nathalie Yamb has a grown-up son with the late Jerry John Rawlings.

In one of Nathalie Yamb’s tweets, she referred to Jerry John Rawlings as her fiance. The tweet reads; “Statement de mon fiancé Jerry John Rawlings.” which translates as “Statement from my fiancé Jerry John Rawlings“.

On Nathalie Yamb’s Instagram page, she has photos of herself having a nice time with Jerry Rawlings with captions and tags suggesting that they were lovers and loved each other very much.

See the photos below;

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