Photos: Four-year-old Nigerian branded the ‘most beautiful girl in the world’

The photograph of a four-year-old Nigerian girl is currently trending on social media, and it has received accolades from virtually everyone who has come across it.

Baby Jare is one of the three siblings — all girls — that lifestyle/portrait photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa, had taken an interest in.

Jare’s cute Instagram photograph has racked up 15,500 loves and 677 comments so far.

Several people were credited for the girl’s beautiful looks, beginning with Mofe Bamuyiwa herself.

Adducing reasons for featuring the four-year-old, Bamuyiwa wrote of the photograph: “I want to portray the interception between her childhood and adulthood so both stay timeless!

“I could have made her smile and make her laugh out loud, but I put her in their natural moments for us to see through their eyes!

She then encouraged, “Jare, when you clock 21, remember to do same pose and style.”

Bamuyiwa notes that children are a gift from heaven, confessing that she is “pretty excited and elated about (her) new style of child portraiture.”

She said that before she thought of photographing Jare and her two sisters — 10-year-old Joba and seven-year-old Jomi — fondly called the ‘J3 sisters,’ she had had “frivolous ideas” of how she could make “artsy portraits of kids” and do away with the norm.

But while Bamuyiwa cautions that Jare isn’t a professional model, the kids’ Instagram page, the_J3_sisters, managed by their mum, says, “Child models.

Available for modelling opportunities,” complete with an e-mail address.

“All I want is for everyone to see Jare’s powerful potential… I want the photo to speak to her when she reaches adulthood,” the talented photographer said.


Source: Punch