Nana Akomea, 9 others sued for trespassing


The Chief Executive Officer of State Transport Company (STC), Nana Akomea has been sued together with nine others for allegedly trespassing on the property of Mariville Homes Ltd at Okoi Gono, East Airport in Accra.

In the writ sighted by Awake News, the plaintiff, Mariville Homes Ltd is accusing the ten defendants of invading its estate with the earth-moving machine under the protection and escort of some Officers from the Ghana Police Services in bid of reconstructing the roads leading to individual homes of the eight (8) defendants and members of Mariville Homeowners Association in the estate without the knowledge of the owners of the estate.

“On Monday, April 6, 2020, the first to ten defendants trespassed on the Plaintiff’s property to construct that roads lead to the respective homes of individual members of the 1st defendant association and the respective homes of the 2nd to 8th defendant” – the writ stated

In a WhatsApp massaging, Nana Akomea could not comment since the matter is before the Court.

“Once she sued, the matter is now before the courts” – Mrs. Maria O’Sullivan Djentuh said

According to the plaintiff, the reconstruction of the roads leading to the various homes of 2nd to 8th defendants violates the sub-lease agreement between the plaintiff and members of the association.

The plaintiff also avers that the reconstruction exercise without its consent is illegal and must be stopped. They are therefore praying the court to place an injunction on the exercise.


The owners of the Mariville Homes alleged that for about 10 to 15years, some members of the Mariville Homeowners Association refused to pay the estate maintenance fees. According to Mariville Homes under the leadership of the Nana Akomea in 2011, they had written to members of the association demanding payment but all efforts to get the payments proved abortive.

However, the Association led by Nana Akomea went to Court in 2012 placing an injunction granted by Justice Ofori Attah stopping Mariville Homes from collecting any payments and or undertaking any development project in the estate.


The owners of Mariville Homes alleged that Nana Akomea led the Association to Court after she has turned down his [Nana Akomea] alleged request to be added to the signatories of the company.

“I refused and asked him whether he was a shareholder in my company” – She said

“He [Nana Akomea] led the Association to court and placed an injunction on us not to develop the estate or collect any monies for development including tarring of the roads in the Estate” – She added

The case has since 2012 been in Court until 2018 when the injunction was thrown out for lack of prosecution.

According to the owners of Miraville Homes, Nana Akomea said the fee being demanded by the estate owners as infrastructure fees (estate maintenance) for those many years was too high for which the owners of the estate explained the fees was based on the fact that material costs had gone up.

The infrastructure fees according to Mariville Homes include water, electricity, drains and access roads pegged at $5000.00 covering 1999 to 2012.

The road had been constructed and was just left with tarring. Nana Akomea invited me and told me he would like to be signatory to my account and I told him he is a share holder of my company.

Read the full writ:

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By: Efo Korsi Senyo / awakenewsroom.com

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