Most Ghanaian Women Are Likely To Date John Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama

John Dramani Mahama is a person who never quits, a politician who has the courage and verve to contest an election even though he lost woefully in the previous one.

From his political life to personal life, it tends to mean that the former president Mahama has all it takes to stand out as the dream man of every modern Ghanaian woman.

Yes, we know he has a lovely wife and adorable family but he still passes as the potential man some Ghanaian woman could be interested in dating.

Here are some reasons;

1. Energetic

There is no doubting the fact that John Dramani Mahama is one of the most energetic presidents Ghana ever had.

Under his tenure, there were not any reports of poor health or frequent medical tourism. John Mahama has personally stated that exercising is one of the best ways to keeping fit.

He even advised Ghanaians to make it a point to exercise on the Aburi mountains so as to help keep them fit. This is the quality that every woman looks out for – a man who is physically fit and energetic.

2. Good looking

One of the qualities of John Mahama that won the hearts of many Ghanaians was his good looks.

Let us not forget the various campaign messages that were used by the NDC about how good looking Mahama was and what not. This is one of the tools Mahama uses to outstand his competitors.

3. Intelligent

To be in politics means you must be level-headed and very decisive. The landscape of Ghanaian politics has always been a rocky land on which only the clever and intelligent thrives. It took intelligence for John Mahama to climb up the political ladder to be president of Ghana.

4. Powerful and influential

John Mahama’s words go far. As president and now former president of Ghana, the words uttered by Mahama always makes it to the news if not the front pages of the newspapers.

Mahama is still a powerful and influential figure especially when he is currently on the path of leading the opposition NDC to power ahead of the 2020 elections.

5. God-fearing

There are several photos and videos of Mahama very active at Church.

The former president has stated while president that the first thing he does in the morning is to pray with his wife and children before attending to the needs of Ghana as head of state. With Ghana being a religious country, it is no secret that Mahama’s love for God is enough to make him the model man of any Ghanaian woman

6. Patient John Mahama is very patient.

After all, this is one of the hallmarks to expect in politics.

If John Mahama wants to be president of Ghana, he needs to wait for the next election to make any move and this he has done so wisely. Democracy is a slow pattern and Mahama knows best. Mahama’s political journey to 2020 election The former president, John Mahama, has paid a courtesy call on the founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings.

This move can be seen by all as a very strategic one if indeed the former one-term president is poised to contest elections yet again in the 2020 elections. Already, Jerry Rawlings has had his take on the politics of the NDC as he attributed their defeat in 2016 to greed and corruption.

There have been various pictures of an obvious rift between the former president and some key officials of the party.

Already, all ten regional party chairmen of the NDC have endorsed Mahama and also advised him to lead the party. In a draft letter, all chairmen signed in approval of John Mahama being the next flag bearer of the NDC yet again.

But things have not been easy for the former president as other party executives including those he worked closely with during his tenure as president are now set to contest against him.

One of the most vociferous amongst all is the second deputy speaker of parliament, Alban Bagbin, who has been singled out for the use of harsh words against John Mahama.

In his latest string of attack, Alban Bagbin, attributed the defeat of the NDC during the 2020 election to the decision by former President Mahama to appoint a visually impaired official.

The member of parliament for Nadowli Kaleo has argued that appointing Dr. Henry Siedu Daanaa as the minister in charge of chieftaincy and traditional affairs was a terrible mistake that cost the party dearly in the 2016 elections. “In our tradition, if you are not whole can you be a chief or grandmother?

So if you form a government and make the minister of Chieftaincy a blind person and the chiefs are objecting and you don’t change him what are you telling the chiefs?,” he asked during an address to some party communicators in the Volta Region.

The revelation by Alban Bagbin forms part of a series of other criticisms against John Mahama especially as he prepares to contest 2020 elections.

Already, there are plans by the top executives of the NDC to summon Alban Bagbin to the disciplinary committee over some of the criticisms he has been vicious and offensive.

Mr. Bagbin had earlier described the Mahama’s administration as an “animal farm” government which did not bode well for hard working party members.


Source: Yen.com.gh