Most Ghana Boys Just Want To Chop Our Money – Female Nurses

Hello, Good morning my distinguished ladies and gentlemen. It is another week and I am so excited to come your way once again with some misconceptions people hold about female Nurses in Africa particularly Ghana and Nigeria.

Today, permit me to go hard again as in my last article; “Stop Tagging Female Nurses As Promiscuous”. A comment on that article actually influenced today’s topic.

One Opera News user commented; “Most men are opportunists who follow nurses because of money, is this not a bad behavior too. l hate opportunists men.”


You would agree with me that some men are very opportunists who take advantage of young rich ladies after succeeding in making them fall in love.

Oh yeah, it is now an open secret that most Ghanaian and Nigerian men want to date and marry female Nurses because they think Nurses have good money. We have heard such a comment but we do not attend to it. Now we are going to pay attention to every little comment on female Nurses.

Here are a few reasons why men follow Nurses for money and not for love;

1. Job Security

Nurses throughout the world are among the few professionals who have secured jobs. Once the government has given financial clearance for employment, Nurses job becomes secured until she wants to resign. Men want to take advantage of this fact to parasite on female Nurses.

2. Financial Stability

Female Nurses are somehow financially stable because of the salaries and other government incentives they get. This means that once a nurse gets employed by the government, her financial life starts to change for the better. Thus, men want to marry ladies who are financially stable.

3. Naturally Kind And Caring

Female Nurses are naturally kind who care about human beings. And when they decide to love, they do it with their wholeheartedly. And because they are kind, some unscrupulous men want to take advantage of them.

4. Cheerful Givers

I remember when I was dating my boyfriend now my husband. I would give to him anything without him even asking for it. Anytime, I go out and see something nice, I will buy it with my own money to surprise him. Female Nurses are generally cheerful givers and God loves them.

So you see that men also opportunists who follow female nurses because of their money. They want to also chop some.

Thank you…

I am your ever Sweet Nurse. I love you all.


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