Military Officers Subject Sofoline Taxi & Trotro Drivers To Severe Beatings Over Wrong Parking

Military officers numbering about five (5) has subjected taxi and trotro drivers to severe beatings over wrongful parking.

On Monday morning January 28, 2019, the soldiers stormed Sofoline in the Ashanti Regional to maintain law and order among the commercial drivers.


According to reliable information, the drivers were given a designated area for loading and parking which is the Sofoline lorry terminal by city authorities but they abandoned the place and are now and operating on the roadside close to the Fourth Battalion Infantry (4BN).

The wrong parking by these drivers have led to uncountable number of knockdowns, accidents and several unnecessary traffic at the area.

Victims of these knockdown by speeding vehicles have been mostly students and travelers over the years which has been a major concern to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA).