Men, Come Forward – Beautiful Accra Girls Cry


Some beautiful but single ladies living in Accra, the capital of Ghana has thrown an open invitation to men asking them to come forward.

These frustrated girls have decided to invite Ghanaian men to boldly come forward to make advances since they are single and aren’t seeing any signs from men.

As to why men are looking their way, the beautiful girls noted that they are being stereotyped as they feel Ghanaian men don’t make advances towards them because of their classic style of living.

They told Ghface.com;

“The time has come for men to stop thinking that ladies looking elegant and stylish are expensive or unapproachable.

We only dress to look good and presentable for these guys but rather these same men see us, high-class women.

We are therefore asking them to come forward and moves or better still make advances. Our arms are readily open”.


Source: www.Ghface.com