Man goes home without a date on Date Rush after greedily wanting two dates

A man identified as Michael Agyari Kwabena, popularly known as Grandpa started the first episode of TV3’s Date Rush with a controversy.

The man who appeared on the popular reality date show came in with an aim to get two women which was against rules of the show.

In one of his profiles, he claimed his ex cheated on him after he did everything possible to make her feel comfortable, leading to their breakup.

So it is quite surprising that he would want to go out on a date with two women when he clearly did not endorse that with his ex girlfriend.

Grandpa after several persuasion from the host of the show, Giovani Caleb, refused to choose one of the two ladies who kept their rush on.

He insisted on going on a date with both Ruby and Anita and his greedy desires left him with no dates at all.

Watch video below;

Kerzia Anani
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