Man burns Rev Obofour’s calendar and abeyifo) nkutu, says the items are fake


A Ghanaian man has set on fire a calender, wrist bands, and spiritual ointment ‘abayifo nku’ he bought from Reverend Obofour claiming they are fake.

The yet-to-be-identified man said he visited the Founder and Leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) for some divine intervention to solve his problems.

According to the man, Rev Obofour rather gave him those items at a price claiming they possess supernatural powers.

But strangely, he later realized that the products sold to him are fake and powerless and has since accused Rev. Obofour of extorting monies from unsuspecting people to enrich himself.

To prove that the items are fake, he shot a video of himself tearing into pieces the calendar and setting it ablaze together with the wrist bands and abayifo nkuu with some dried plantain leaves.

He has therefore thrown a challenge Rev. Obofour to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that those items indeed have power.

The man entreated well-meaning Ghanaians not to fall for this fraud.


Watch the video below;