Lydia Forson Replies A Popular Ghanaian Website For Saying She Hates Men

After reading their article, Lydia Forson can boldly say this website projects hate— nothing but hate.

An article written by Nana Asempa on Ghanacelebrities.com caught Lydia’s attention this morning, because it observed that she hates men. And according to the writer, this observation contradicts her Father’s Day tweet.

Responding to the writer, Lydia Forson asked, ‘If you say I hate men, and all the men in my life from my brothers, father, nephews etc don’t feel this hate that you describe then what does it mean?’

She didn’t however stop there. She thinks that the website has reasons for publishing this story about her.

‘You people push that agenda (hatred) to mask your own guilt and fear of being exposed for who you really are,’ she added.

Rex Krampa
the authorRex Krampa