JUST IN: I am born to date m.arr!ed men only – $lay queen reveals

A popular Nigerian slay queen Tacha says her mission on earth is to only d.ate and have serious r.elationsh!p with men who already m.arr!ed.

According to her, the m@rried men don’t stress her and don’t unleash the he!l out of her, and won’t che@t too because they already have a w.!fe at home.


In an Instagram video, Tacha disclosed her preference of m.arr!ed men to y.oung men.

She said;

M*.rr!ed men are less stress, they give us money without us asking, they don’t br!ng the hel! out of us and they can’t on us because they already have a w.ife.


But you see the regular boy.friends, they are always broke and when they manage to give you the least 5k, they would want to hang your legs and thrust the hell out of you”

Watch her video;