Journalism Job Doesn’t Pay – Debbielyn _Jackson

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.

A popularly Ghanaian female broadcast journalist, Debbielyn Jackson whose biggest dream is to be on top help others who wish to be a journalist just like herself has finally blown the whistle again about the Journalism job.

Debbielyn Jackson once said on one of her social media platform that her job as a Broadcast Journalist is her world But now came out and said journalism job don’t pay much??.

In some reviews Ohemaa proves dem wrong as she mostly called said, The real reasons Why she said journalism job doesn’t pay much is because Every child dream is to be a journalist whiles other careers are there which normally paid well but rather every child things journalism job is the most likely and importantly well-paid job which is not true at all…

That’s why she needs to let them know the real truth about the journalism job. She feather explained why she said that.

The host of the Hitz factory show made it clear that a journalist who mostly paid well is those celebrity journalists and those that work at the big platforms like UTV, ADOM TV TV3 Etc.
But to those who manage themselves and go out to look for a job are the ones who don’t get paid at all but rather used their own money for transport each and every blessed day.

She said that’s Why nowadays social media has been working place for them.”Some journalists use social media platforms as a way to gain more exposure for whatever professional goals they might have, but that’s not right for everyone and it’s of course perfectly reasonable to decline.”
She feather beg the Government to look into it very well.

Debbielyn said, As for aspirant journalists, they are prepared to work for virtually nothing (or nothing at all) in the hope of jam tomorrow.
Now that’s their dream of being a journalist for a better tomorrow which is very bad for our generation.

Finally, she urges all fans of the Hitz factory show and Foka Tv that they should wait For the team because something great is coming this year 2021.

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Source: Akosua Pokuaa