I’m Single And Searching But Ghanaian Men Are Afraid To Propose Marriage To Me – Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro seems to have all the attributes of an ideal woman and must certainly be the envy of most women.

She is very beautiful, a celebrity as a career, multiple awards to her name produced her own movies and has a good sense of humour too.

And of course all the men too. But no that is not so. With all these to her credit, one would think the A-List actress would have men falling over themselves to catch her attention but it seems those attributes are rather scaring the men away.

The ‘Ghana Must Go’ actress revealed she has been single for more than two years because men just do not have the courage to approach her.


“The issue is men don’t have balls to come forward to ask me out because they think I am already hooked or perhaps I am very high maintenance”, she told Showbiz in an interview last Friday during the launch of Glam Africa Magazine in Accra.

“Also, I may still be single because most people think celebrities are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing partners but that is a very wrong perception.

“A good number of celebs are single because they are confused as to who to accept in their life. You see, you are not sure if the person is coming in because of your fame and money or the person wants to be with you because of real love” she added.

She however quickly made it known that although she is not in any romantic relationship currently, she is not in a rush to date and she will not accept just any man who comes along too.

“It is not about money but if a man is not brave enough to come forward then I do not think I want to be with such a person. Anyway, who wants to be with a timid man? She queried.


Contrary to the perception people may have, she does not really have eyes for high society men. She is ready to date a man who will understand her and make her happy.

“Most ladies will think of the money first but that is not what I look for when considering a man I want to be in a relationship with. I first want my happiness and a man who will always be there for me. He should be hardworking, responsible and with a bright future” she said.

Asked if she has not come across such a man yet, Yvonne said “No I haven’t but I hope to meet him very soon”, she added.

Away from her love life, Yvonne Okoro who is planning to come out with her new TV show Cooking with….. said the movie industry is collapsing and she blames it solely on sponsorship.

“I totally agree with anyone who says the movie industry is collapsing. Truth is, it is difficult getting sponsors for a movie and that is the reason most producers especially the English movie producers are not shooting movies anymore”.

Looking into the future, Yvonne Okoro disclosed she hopes to land an action role in an action movie soon.

“I think it will be interesting to play an active role. I have never tried such roles before and I wish to take up that challenge very soon” she added.

Source: www.Ghface.com


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