I’m no longer a thief, boxing money changed me for the better – Bukom Banku


Ghanaian boxer Braimah Kamoko, popularly called Bukom Banku has disclosed in a recent interview how he used to be a thief but money from boxing changed him.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu Show, Bukom Banku said stealing, pickpocketing and robbery where his engagements before establishing himself as a professional boxer.

According to him, he started off as a ‘street fighter and thief’ and has engaged in several social vices before finding his feet in boxing.

“I’m a ghetto boy. I used to go to the seashore, Kantamanto and other places to fight. I’m a street fighter. I did rough things like picking people’s money, beating people rough. So it’s the ghetto people I used to do these things with who told me that the way you have strength, you have to be a boxer so they sent me to the gym. Right now boxing has made a superstar in the nation so I’m really grateful to all ghetto people”.

Banku who lost his unbeaten record to Bastie Samir has often been referred to as a ‘local champion’ who is unable to replicate his impressive form on the international stage but in his first bout outside Ghana, he recorded third-round knockout win over German boxer Rojhat Bilgetekin.

Banku is still reveling in his victory which he reckons makes irrelevant suggestions that he is a ‘local champion’.

“People always talk. Banku can’t fight the international fight but now their mouths have been shamed. I fight international fights and I’m going to do more fights to bring IBF to Ghana”