I’m A Good Woman But My Quick Temper Destroyed Sweet Relationship – Lady Cries


A ‘broken hearted’ lady whose relationship crushed by courtesy of her own quick temper has advice for her fellow ladies.

Describing herself as a quick-tempered person and failing to work on it, she lost the beloved guy who she described as a perfect man having all the qualities so desired by every woman in her man.

According to her, she easily gets angered at the least provocation and be at loggerhead with her lovely boyfriend for days.

She said;

“Frankly speaking I’m very quick-tempered and my heart is very heavy no matter how much I love you. When you make me angry it stays within me for days.”


This lady continued that, she refused to work on her temper in spite of the efforts and warnings from her boyfriend until he got fed up with her attitude and he finally left her.

“I’m a good woman and I know but my temper is the only problem he has with me and it has cost me dearly”.

To her, she came to her right senses after losing such a God-sent and wonderful man, and nothing she did buy him back.

She noted that it is two years and I’m still not over him even though I’m seeing someone now but I still regret what I did.

“My advice to our ladies, please don’t feel you’re in a comfortable lead in your relationships to the extent that you’ll go days without talking to your man. He will one day be fed up and leave. If you know you’re quick-tempered continuously work it and don’t allow it to ruin your relationship”.