I will beat the spirit out of Cecelia Marfo if she molests me that way – ProphetKumchacha

Founder of Heaven’s Gate ministry, Prophet Kumchacha has revealed he would beat the spirit out of prophetess, Cecelia Marfo if she tried anything stupid with him.

It would be quite remembered that the prophetess and gospel musician slapped a colleague, Brother Sammy at an event claiming she was possessed by the Holy Spirit.

She has however come back to lamplight as she disgraces another colleague in the gospel music industry, Joyce Blessing, by snatching her microphone from her while she was performing on stage and ordering her to go back to her husband.

Prophet Kumchacha has however revealed in an interview that he would not spare Cecelia Marfo if he tried that with him.

He said he would beat and slap the spirit out of her if he were in her victims position and clearly warned that she would not spare her if she tries that with him.

Watch video below;

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