I Can Use Pure Water Rubbers To Build Over 200,000 Houses – Youngman Reveals

Nelson Boateng

Managing Director of Nelplast Eco Ghana Limited, Mr. Nelson Boateng has expressed willingness to build more than 200,000 houses using plastic materials.

Speaking in an interview with Kofi Adoma on Accra-based Angel FM, Mr. Nelson Boateng said he could construct more than 200, 000 affordable houses for the homeless if the government could invest in his company

The CEO of Neplast Ghana indicated that his firm has the capacity to construct and provide housing services across the country with pure water rubbers as the building materials.


“I pay people, especially women, to collect large quantities of plastic products from their environment, which I then use to build houses, pedestrian walkways, streets, and a variety of other construction projects.”

Nelplast Eco Ghana is a Ghanaian company that turns waste plastic bags, water bags, plastic film, and containers into pavement slabs and tiles.