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History of Ho, Volta Region

Ho is the Regional capital of the Volta Region of Ghana. Ho was named after a town in southern Denmark by the Germans when the Volta region was a German colony. According to history, Ho in Ghana has the same serene atmosphere like that of Ho in Denmark and that was the reason behind the Germans giving it that name.

Ho was a part of the German colony of Togoland until World War I, when it was occupied by the British. Ho later became the capital of the League of Nations mandate of British Togoland and then French Togoland until that entity’s incorporation into the British Gold Coast colony, which subsequently became Ghana.


The town was initially inhabited by the people of Hegbe (now Heve), followed by the people of Banakoe (now corrupted to Bankoe). These two groups lived alongside each other with individual kingdoms. The first known chief of the Bankoe people was Afede Asor I, known in his private life as Akorli. The chief of Heve was Anikpi I, who was known in his private life as Adzah Doe. The Ahoe and Dome joined the settlement at a later stage but came to play leading roles in its development. The people of Dome became the ruling class until the emergence of modern-day chieftaincy which they ceded to the Bankoe people. The people of Hliha are a sub-group of Bankoe.

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