Ghanaian Slay Queen spends whooping $ 36,000 lavishly in 12 months now begs to eat

Wonders they say shall never end is happening each passing day and it might never end anytime soon as we have slay queens parading around.

Information sitting comfortably on the desk of Ghface.com has it that a super Ghanaian slay queen after lavishly spends a whooping 36,000 dollars in 12 months now begs to eat at least two times daily.

With information being sketchy, the said slay queen has received the $ 36,000 from her Obroni partner who came for a visit in January, 2018.

A close pal of the unnamed slay queen revealed that her friend decided to spread the $ 36k according to the months as each month received $3,000 for spending.


The friend on condition of anonymity disclosed that the slay queen was top of her game where she moves from one night club to another partying the whole of 2018.

“Oh it sad story for my friend, she received 36k dollars from her White friend who came to visit in 2018 but didn’t use the money wisely. She just party like there is no tomorrow, all my advises fell on death ears because she thought her Obroni will always be there.

Now that everything is finished she is now a burden on me, until I give her then she eats”.

Source: www.Ghface.com


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