I regret being a clueless slay queen – Hamamat Montia

Ghanaian super model, Hamamat Montia has opened up on her regrets about being a clueless slay queen during her youthful days.

According to Hamamat Motia, being a slay queen was one that was fun with a lot of amazing experiences but full of traps.

In an Instagram post sighted by GHFace.com, the model recounted how her life as a slay queen almost ended her into early marriage.

She uses her story to advise the youth who would want to indulge in such life to step back since it did not help her in any kind of way.

“I used to be a slay queen when I was much younger and clueless”, she wrote.

“Don’t get me wrong, Being a slay queen was so much fun”.

I had many amazing experiences & learnt countless important lessons(and not all slay queens “sleep around “).

“some are just very smart at keeping men on the hunt for long ) but I soon realized it was all a trap and wasn’t the kind of life I wanted to live. ”

“How will you know if you don’t try ? Huh!… and after I became a beauty Queen at 18 , I really just wanted to chill .
Name the country – I have been there
Name the fashion – I wore it
Name the lifestyle – I have tried it”

“In fact my summer car choices was between a Ferrari & a Rolls Royce but this also taught me a valuable lesson”.

“As a slay Queen – your most important goal is to catch a “big fish “. One that will take care of all your wants , needs & dreams.”

“So I caught a big fish at 20 but I soon learnt a life changing lesson”.

“Now I had this big fish and everyone was telling me to marry him and inherit it all”

“It was hard because I didn’t even know what love was and my instincts just won’t allow me to sleep at night”.

” I just couldn’t put myself in the box of “African girl marrying white man for money” (because that is what everyone thought at that time ).”

” I ended the relationship suddenly when I realized money alone wasn’t my goal in life but How dare you say no to a “big fish”.

“Not after you went ring shopping together and met the parents and met the friends and met everyone.”

” So we ended up in court because he wanted something in return”

“I mean how do you think big fish get Big ?”

“Over 10years and there is still a picture of us on (my) wiki”

“This phase in my life thought me many valuable lessons.”

” Lessons that has helped transform my life for the better”

“some of such lessons are:
The power of #money
The power of #intuition &
The power of #white love :
I am not racist
I am not sexist
I am not what you think I am but rather a woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to try”, She posted on her Instagram page.



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