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‘From this day forward, I’m going to vouch for God’ – Famous Atheist, Bill Hayden

Australia’s most famous politician, Bill Hayden has said, he’s going all out for God after converting from atheism to Christianity.

Bill Hayden, the famous Australian before concerting to the Christian faith and recieving Jesus at age 85 was well-known atheist.

But after realizing the existence of God, Bill Hayden said; ‘From this day forward, I’m going to vouch for God’

According to the Australian reports, the popular Australian atheist has recently believed in the existence of God and had taken further steps to accept the love of Jesus Christ into his heart. Bill Hayden was baptized in the Catholic Church.


85-year Bill Hayden is Australia’s former Governor-General and was a renowned atheist for all of his life. Typically, as Governor-General, one would also be appointed the Chief Scout of Australia. Hayden declined this office in 1989, declaring that he was an atheist and the Scout Promise, which says, “do my best to do my duty to my God,” was in direct conflict with his beliefs.

Now at 85 years old, this has all changed for the former politician.

In 2014, Hayden was sent to the hospital after having a stroke, and according to The Christian Post, it was this event that ultimately convinced him that God did exist. Hayden said the stroke made it evident that there is “more to life than just me.” He continued, “I had to make a dedication of myself for the good of others, before God. I felt that strongly.”


So, after years of denying God’s existence, Hayden renounced his atheism and joined the Catholic Church. Hayden said witnessing several selfless acts of compassion by Christians over his lifetime coupled with his stroke inspired his decision to come to Christ.

According to The Catholic Leader, Hayden was baptized at St. Mary’s Church near Brisbane, on Sept. 9. He said at the time, “This took too long, and now I am going to be devoted. From this day forward, I’m going to vouch for God.”


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