Ewe Marriage/Dowry/Engagement/Knocking Price List – Ghana

Marriage is a union between two usually a man and a woman who has agreed to become husband and wife and have gone through the necessary requirement.

Today’s article focuses on Ghanaian engagement or marriage list among the Ewes of the Volta Region of Ghana
In the Ewe marriage procedure, the yet-to-be couple has some obligations and duties to perform towards the union.

Below is a sample of a traditional engagement/marriage list for people from the Voltarians;



Schnapps                                 2 Bottles (Foreign One)

Gin                                           1 Bottle

Minerals                                  1 crate

Cash                                        GH ¢300



  1. Engagement Ring and a Holy Bible
  2. 6 Half pieces of Cloth (Real Wax)
  3. 6 pieces of Head Gear (Scarf)
  4. 2 Pair of Sandals and 2 Pair of Shoes (with Bag each)
  5. Ecolac Bag (Big One)
  6. 2 set of Jewelry and Watch
  7. 12 Panties or Underwears
  8. 6 Night Wears
  9. 6 Brassiere
  10. Lady’ Waist Beads and 1 Traditional Pant(Very Important)
  11. 1 Catholic Hymnal
  12. GH¢ 600



  1. 2 Bottles of schnapps (Foreign One)
  2. 1 Bottle of Dry Gin
  3. 1 Bottle of Dubonette
  4. 1 Bottle of whiskey
  5. 1 Bottle of Akpeteshie
  6. 1 Pot of Palm wine or GH¢ 50
  7. 2 Cartons of Beer
  8. 2 Crates of Minerals
  9. 2 Crate of Malt


  1. Father In- Law GH¢ 350
  2. Mother In Law GH¢300
  3. Brother In Laws GH¢150
  4. Half Piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Mother In Law (with Head Gear and Sandals)
  5. 1 Full Piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Father In Law (with 1 Sandals)
  6. Family GH¢100
  7. Thank You GH¢ 50

The Ewe people are an African ethnic group. The largest population of Ewe people is in Ghana with people, and the second largest population in Togo with people. They speak the Ewe language which belongs to the Niger-Congo Gbe family of languages.