Drop My S..3x Tape V!deo For $ 100,000 – Yvonne Okoro Dares Ghanaians

Ghana-base Nigerian actress, Yvonne Okoro has discloed that a whooping $ 100,000 is on the line for anyone who can drop a s..3x v!deo of herself and Togolese footballer Emmanuel Adebayor.

According to the beautiful actress, Emmanuel Adebayor is ready to reward anyone who has such a s..3x tape with $100,000.

In chit-chat interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Yvonne Okoro said she was very confident that no one will be able to produce a s..3 tape of herself and Adebayor.

“A friend of mine called me and said ‘listen they said that there is a s..3x tape of you and Adebayor finally it is going to come out what are you going to do? Some bloggers said they have it, they’ve seen it. Even one footballer said he’s seen it and my goodness they can’t believe it because you kept denying it’,” she narrated.


She said, she sarcastically “sent him [Adebayor] a Whatsapp. I said ‘hey, they said that we have a sex tape together, it’s coming out so Whatsapp, did you record us when we were having s..3x?’”

“And he laughed and he said ‘you know what Yvonne, we should date once and for all so when they say it, we can now admit it that it’s true,” the bubbly actress, who admitted that she once recorded a s..3x tape with her first boyfriend some years ago, said.

The footballer, he revealed, said: “Yvonne, tell whoever has it that if they bring it out and it’s true, I will give him $100,000.”

“So I’m putting it out there, anybody who claims they have a correct s..3x tape, I’m not talking about go and photoshop and put my face, they have a s..3x tape of myself and Adebayor, they should bring it out,” she dared.

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