Drama: Mother Caught Chopping Daughter’s Husband

Drama is gradually unfolding as a mother is has taken over her own biological daughter’s marriage, home, and husband and chopping him as well.

A depressed married woman has sent a said letter to Dr. Noamesi seeking advice on what to do as her own mother has taken over her marriage and she is chopping her husband.

She wrote;

Dr. Noamesi,

This is my first time writing to you and I really need a quick answer as soon as possible. I am going crazy and might even break down at any moment from now.

I am happily married to my husband and we have a four-month baby together. The problem started when my own mother came to live with us to help bath my baby.

My mother started to find fault with my husband and wants to burden him with a high demand for money when he is already taking very good care of us. I don’t lack anything at all.

My husband has been concerned cautioned me to be careful with my mother and he asked me to politely tell her to leave so we can enjoy the peace we used to enjoy.

I never listened to my husband but I will listen to my mother to maltreat my sweet husband. One day, my mother asked us to move to the village which I obliged leaving behind my four-month baby with my husband.

Fast-forward, I decided to pay my baby a visit and I got the shock of my life. I caught and mother and husband in bed. Apparently she took him to a juju man to charm him for her.

They both threw me out of the house. I can’t even tell my old sick father. I am dying slowly. help me.

Abena Magis
the authorAbena Magis
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